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Life with identical twins

Two halves of the same coin

on July 3, 2014

So. The girls personalities are very similar in many ways, but there is one area where they have distinct differences.

In the morning Caden gets up, maybe chills on the couch a bit, but gets dressed the first time I ask, and then quickly runs through her morning checklist. In the evenings she immediately empties her backpack for me to clean, and hangs it up. She has been craving independence this summer and has asked to be taught how to do a few things to make the morning smoother for me.

Delaney hates getting up. She wants to sleep in but can’t. I ask her no less than 5 times to get dressed, and even then it takes 10 minutes because in between she wants to talk, and pet Lucy, and check the weather, and text Grampy. She definitely eases into the day. I have had to tell her I won’t answer any questions until she is dressed. A few times now she has forgotten something (water bottle, swimsuit) for camp, and more than a few times she has lost things.

First, she left her baseball hat at lunch when we were with my parents. She had to use her own money to buy a new one (I pitched in for half, didn’t expect it to cost $20!). Then she moved a bookcase she never should have moved and broke a globe. She’ll pay to buy something new. This week she lost a $10 headband, a $5 brand new bottle of sunscreen, and had me calling the library to sort out a DVD shenanigan.

She wore the headband to camp one day. She took it off and put it in her backpack. Apparently the wind blew it away, and when she told her counselor she said she couldn’t chase after it because it was raining too hard (totally agree). As soon as she explained herself Caden said “You should have zipped your backpack right away so it wouldn’t blow away!” Indeed Caden, indeed.

I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about Caden, but I’m not sure how to get through to Delaney that she needs to keep track of her things. I thought paying for replacements herself would cement things, but clearly no. I’m hoping to steal some alone time with her this weekend to chat, but I’m not sure where to take this at age six.

One response to “Two halves of the same coin

  1. Amanda says:

    Also happens at age 7, if they are predisposed to forgetfulness and losing things! Claire lost two pair of expensive snow gloves this winter, and finally we just made her wear the ones that were two small (the ones we gave you) because we refused to buy her another pair. She’s lost hoodies, a fleece pullover, and once an entire outfit she left in the bathroom while changing into a costume for her school play. At the end of the school year, she lost her homework twice in two weeks because she took it out in the library or at the after-school program and never put it back. And yet, she gets extremely frustrated with Joel when he reminds her to make sure she has everything. We’ve been trying to just let it go. If she forgets her swimsuit, she doesn’t swim at camp, you know? But it’s a hard habit to break.

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