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Swimming Lessons!

on July 2, 2014

We’ve done swimming lessons since the girls were 16 months old. They’ve been great for getting the girls to love the water, and for giving them the fundamentals of swimming. But, it’s really all the other pool time we spend that gets them actually swimming. I always want our swimming lessons to be more than that, but I’ve come to peace with the fact that they were never going to challenge my kids.

Until this week. It was the beginning of the lesson and they were practicing back floats. My girls can totally do these, and yet their teachers were supporting them instead of having them do it on their own. Just as this was happening the aquatics director (who just happens to be my friend and neighbor) sat down next to me and asked how things were going. I asked how we could challenge the girls a bit more and he responded that it was clear they really loved the water and weren’t afraid at all. We chatted a bit and he talked to the instructor and told her to push them and not be afraid to challenge them.

It was on.

The next thing I knew they were doing the front stroke on their own, halfway down the pool. She was right in front of them with a noodle in case they needed it, but she was letting them do it on their own. I could not have been happier! And the girls were so proud of themselves! Ditto when they flipped and did the backstroke.

I chatted with her afterwards and told her thank you. My girls love to swim and with them going off the diving board and getting more adventurous in the pool, I really want them to be stronger swimmers when they can’t touch the bottom. She said the minimum to pass this level is to swim five yards on their own which they did easily. I love that they have finally shown their teachers what they can really do in the pool, and also that they are being challenged to go even farther. I’m so happy, I’m contemplating signing them up for another round in the higher level this fall. Woo!

2 responses to “Swimming Lessons!

  1. Grammy says:

    They have come so far — and no more puddle jumpers! And they both love a challenge.

  2. Laraf123 says:

    That’s wonderful! I “push” swim lessons but one of my sons quit and there’s no pushing him back in the water, lol. My older son continues with lessons but I wish his instructor would challenge him as you describe.

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