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Pool People

on June 30, 2014

I didn’t take a single picture this weekend! Mostly because we spent much of the weekend at the pool.

Saturday we hit up the Edina pool with some friends. Pool playdates are hard to plan because you don’t know until the day of if the weather will cooperate. I can’t say that the weather *did* cooperate on Saturday, but the rain stayed away so we hit the water.

This pool is not our pool and they definitely had some different rules than we do. You had to be 50″ tall to go down the body slide which made me roll my eyes. 50″? Really? My kids have been doing the body slide at our pool (which has more drops and is faster) for two years and neither of them top 46″. Also, no goggles when you’re going off the diving board. The diving board is a new thing for my two and they are loving it! But, the no goggles thing got tough for Caden and threw her off her game. She got flustered and I had to hop in to grab her. We sat out for a bit after that episode.

Even better, we ran into other friends at the pool! It’s pretty much always just me and the girls at the pool, so it was nice to have people to chat with (and other kids for my two to swim with) while we watched the kids swim and swim and swim.

Sunday we headed to the lake to hang with my parents. Once again it was windy, but the sun was out and the pool is protected, so off we went. Delaney is just an absolute fish. She swims and swims and never gets tired. I’m tired just watching her! She was diving off my dad’s shoulders, doing handstands, and swimming after her dive toys. Caden loves to swim too, but she can’t get to the bottom as easily as her sister, and she gets tired and cold every single time. 2% body fat will do that to you. I definitely need to pull in some extra calories for her this summer!

One response to “Pool People

  1. Laraf123htt says:

    I can relate. Last week we joined friends at the pool for the first time. It was so nice to watch the boys play and swim with energetic kids so I could sit and talk to an actual adt!l

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