The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Butterfly Hunters

on June 25, 2014

butterfly 1

On Sunday the girls trapped a butterfly with one of their buckets. I have no idea how Caden managed to do this, but she did. Once they showed me the poor, stressed out butterfly, we released him. He must not be terribly smart, or else our flowers are particularly yummy, because he’s stayed in our yard.

butterfly 3

Last night he was in the neighbor’s tree along with a new, black & yellow butterfly. The girls were ecstatic! It was like National Geographic in our backyard. They were watching the butterflies, taking pictures, waiting patiently with their net.

butterfly 2

This butterfly was not as quiet as the other, and flew around a lot. Luckily, there was absolutely no chance to catch this guy. We shall see if he comes back to visit again!

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