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Let’s just get this over with

on June 24, 2014

I went off the Whole30 last Wednesday and have felt mostly awful on the physical front since. I had a huge reaction to dairy which took me completely by surprise. It’s been worse than I’ve ever felt after gluten. So dairy is out for me, which makes me sad when I think of my beloved cheese. On the flip side, there is almond milk and coconut milk so at least I can figure out my coffee now.

Mentally, I’ve felt better I guess? I’m happier, not so crabby, and food tastes good again. But it really sucks to be super bloated and now I’m constantly wondering if it’s just dairy, or if I need to stay away from grains too. I’m also struggling with eating things that I told myself I wouldn’t eat at this point. I’m trying to eat as Whole30 as possible, but one thing after another has had me reaching for gluten free toast or tortilla chips. I did better with the strict 100% compliance than I do with free will.

I’m ready to just be done with this. To not post about it, to not scour pinterest for recipes, to not think about it constantly anymore. But the fact of the matter is, I don’t feel well eating what I’m eating now. I have to think about my food, I have to prep ahead of time. Ugh. I figured out gluten free living, I’ll figure this out, it’s just going to take time.

One response to “Let’s just get this over with

  1. Alyssa says:

    Ugh, Erin, I feel your pain. It’s such a game and a battle. When I did Whole 30 it was my 3rd time quitting dairy and it did NOTHING for me and I didn’t feel any different when I started eating it again. I seem to do best when I cut the grains and focus on protein, veggies and good fat with some fruit and dairy. You will figure it out but it’s always going to be an evolving thing. It’s hard to not let it consume you, I think it’s important to cut yourself a break sometimes and realize you can only do so much. Good luck! Feel free to text me on those crappy days. 🙂

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