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Summer Solstice

on June 23, 2014

bubbles 1

Saturday was kind of insane with the gorgeousness wasn’t it? It was a perfect day from start to finish. When I realized Saturday was going to be the nicer day of the weekend, I decided we needed to hit the pool. We had an afternoon birthday party, so we went from 11-1pm. It was perfect. Warm, but not crowded. I even packed our lunch!

bubbles 2

After the birthday party we hit Target to buy a slip and slide. The girls blew bubbles in the backyard, then put their suits back on to run through the water. I read my book on the deck and soaked in the beautiful evening.

bubbles 3

As fabulous as Saturday was, Sunday was equally as awful. I made two waffle recipes (one paleo for me, one regular for the girls). Both bombed. I ended up baking my waffle batter as muffins, and well, the girls are going to be eating waffles they don’t really like for the next few weeks. We hit church, and then headed out for gluten free cupcakes and swimsuit shopping. Except gluten free cupcakes still have dairy frosting, and I’ve realized I can’t do dairy. Swimsuit shopping with a bloated belly is fun, and from there things just went completely downhill. I’ll blame hormones, but I’m hoping for a serious reset today.

As far as theater camp went, the girls had fun but Delaney declared it embarrassing and boring. At least I know we don’t need to do it next year. Also to note, routines are my friend and doing a camp like that that pulls us completely out of our routine is a really bad idea. YMCA for the win the rest of the summer.

One response to “Summer Solstice

  1. Amanda says:

    We had a lovely breakfast on the patio of Cafe Maude on Saturday, then Joel took Claire to Circus Juventas while I started in on painting the kitchen/dining room. That project consumed the rest of the weekend! Luckily, Claire has friends in the ‘hood who kept her entertained all Saturday afternoon/evening so I didn’t feel awful for being trapped in the endless cycle of window painting. We’re still figuring out our schedule for next weekend, but if you guys have time, maybe a pool date?

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