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Father’s Day!

on June 16, 2014

As we packed up the truck to head back home, I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture all weekend! The rain forced us to my parent’s house and inside most of Saturday. When it wasn’t raining, the winds were so crazy you couldn’t be outside. Sunday was fabulous though! It took a bit for the sun to come out and warm things up, but once it did we just sat on the deck and soaked it up.

Except for those two hours in the middle of the day where I had to take Caden to Urgent Care because she has strep throat. Again. On the ride down she said her throat hurt, but she wasn’t running a fever and her throat looked fine, so I just kept an eye on things. Before bed she spiked a fever, so I started googling Urgent Care locations and times. We’re trying a different antibiotic this time, in case her last episode of this never fully went away. I thought we were now in the magical window of 3 times in 6 months, but it turns out they want 6 times in one year to take her tonsils out. I’m emailing her pediatrician today and we’ll see what she says. I also instituted a Don’t Touch Your Sister policy in the hopes of not doing this times two this week.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

One response to “Father’s Day!

  1. Jen Berg says:

    Erin, You should check out – it’s a 24/7 online clinic…and they treat strep throat! It’s easy, you answer some questions online about what you think the issue is and then a Nurse Practitioner reviews your online interview. The NP will call with any follow up questions (if needed) and then they send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy. The visit is $45 or your co-pay, whichever is less! If based upon your online interview they don’t think they can treat you, they tell you pretty early on in the process and direct you to go in to see a doctor in person. It’s pretty sweet! I use it all the time!

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