The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

School’s Out!

on June 13, 2014

The girls had school Monday through Wednesday this week and our mornings were rough. We had a new bus driver, and she arrived at least five minutes early every day. We missed the bus on Monday, and raced out to catch it Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m very happy to be done with that morning push. And now, I can even go in to work a little earlier! The YMCA is only 6 minutes away which is awesome. I’ll hit bad traffic picking them up at night, but hoping I can shift my hours a bit and leave earlier to miss as much as I can.

The remaining pictures from our week!

june 9

Monday. Shortly after this picture was when I realized I didn’t see a single kid on our street and where was the bus? Oh yeah, we missed it.

june 10

Tuesday. I bought Delaney a headband in the hopes of containing her not quite long enough bangs this summer. We shall see. She keeps lobbying for a shirt cut a la Caden, but I am stalling as long as possible on that one.

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