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Go Fish

on June 9, 2014

The girls have had fishing poles for a few years. We’ve fished off the dock and they’ve liked it, but this year THEY ARE ALL IN. My dad got them new big girl fishing poles for Easter, and they are so much easier to cast and reel in. They love everything about fishing, and are very serious about it, it’s so fun to watch.

This weekend was the Kid’s Fishing Tournament at my parent’s lake place. They had a casting contest first (the girls completely bombed at that, even though they are chamionship casters), then everyone headed to the docks to fish until 4:00pm. It had rained all morning, and while the sun was trying to come out, it was chilly. The girls didn’t care though, they just wanted to win!

fish 2

fish 5

We didn’t catch any fish on Saturday, but no worries. The sun came out and it was an absolutely beautiful day! It was only about 67, but there was no wind and it was just so nice. We grilled burgers and played catch, hung out around the campfire and went for a few golf cart rides. Just an absolutely perfect evening.

Sunday was gorgeous as well. After lunch I wanted to head back, but the girls wanted to fish again so I said yes, but just for a little bit. We were fishing in fairly shallow water and could see the fish swimming around. There was a big bass that would come through every once in a while. Everyone tried to catch him, but Caden was the winner!


She was so thrilled! It was adorable how happy she was. The rest of us were happy *someone* caught him! It felt like such a tease watching him swim past our worms time and time again. Definitely worth staying a little longer.

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