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Whole30 Week 2

on June 8, 2014

Heading into my second week! The daily emails claim things will get easier now. I’ve had a fairly easy run so far, but am hoping to get some more energy this week. I will say, the weekdays are relatively easy for me. It’s easy to make good choices because I have everything planned out, and I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything. Weekends are a little more difficult. I’m tempted often, but I’m used to having to look at a food and think “Can’t eat that” so it’s easy enough to move on in the moment. I’m a bit bummed to miss out on some of the summer traditions though. No ice cream with the kids for me, no frozen yogurt runs, no popsicles on the deck. I have told the girls we will work it all out in July.

I also feel like I’m eating for fuel, rather than to enjoy the food. I feel like it’s the same flavors over and over, I’m really missing the variety that dairy and sweets bring to the table. I’ve heard your taste buds wake up and everything tastes more and better eventually, just not there yet. I’m also rarely hungry, so I’m sure that is contributing. I feel like I lean on my fruit/cashews/coconut/almond butter combo just to get some different flavors more often than I should, but oh well.

My client is in town this week so I will have multiple meals out. I’ve done my research on their menus and am excited to have someone else cook me a meal!

I did about an hour of prep on Sunday to set myself up for the week. I hard boiled 6 eggs, roasted two sweet potatoes, made chicken burgers, cooked asparagus, made Bacon and Kale Breakfast Casserole and put kahlua pig in the slow cooker just before bed. I’m burned out on eggs over spinach right now, so I’m planning two different breakfasts for this week to get some variety.

Day 8 – Sunday
Breakfast – Blueberries/cashews/coconut/cashew butter. Two eggs with breakfast sausage.
Lunch – Salad with roast chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers with avocado basil dressing.
Dinner – Spinach & Artichoke chicken wrapped in proscuitto, asparagus. I printed this recipe out, but need to find it online!

Day 9 – Monday
Breakfast – Blueberries/mango/cashews/coconut/almond butter. Bacon and kale breakfast casserole. This was awful. Reheated eggs never go well with me, but I’ve done okay with frittata like things before. Discussed this with my coworkers this morning and Wednesday I’m going to add a tomato, basil, and avocado to try to dress it up a bit.
Lunch – Chicken Avocado Soup, sweet potatoes with ghee and coconut milk
Dinner – Kahlua pig (afterwards referred to as carnitas) with guac and roasted brussel sprouts. My carnitas are super dry and I’m pissed! The brussel sprouts were fairly tasteless too. Damn. I hate when you make a big batch of something and it sucks.

This has been by far the toughest day yet. My breakfast was not good, the bus came 10 minutes early and we missed it, and I forgot my lunch at home. All I wanted was a latte and all the chocolate in the office this morning! This is going to be a tough week, but I also feel like if I can make it through this week, I can make it through the 30 days. One day at a time is all I can concentrate on right now.

Day 10 – Tuesday
Breakfast – Noatmeal with blueberries. Technically, you’re not supposed to eat something like this (regular food that isn’t allowed, but you make something that looks like it) but I was going to jump off a building if I had to eat eggs again this morning, so I went with this. Sad thing? I didn’t even really enjoy it! Back to eggs tomorrow.
Lunch – Spinach Artichoke chicken in proscuitto with asparagus and sweet potatoes.
Dinner – Sauteed chicken sausage and zucchini, salad on the side with lemon vinaigrette.

I was talking with a coworker that while I love planning out all of my meals for the week, it also means that there is no surprise in my day. There’s no wandering the food trucks to see what looks good (but let’s be honest, I can only eat from a few even when I’m just eating gf, so it’s not like there’s much surprise there either). But, there’s a part of me that thinks switching to thinking of food as fuel, rather than food as excitement or something to look forward to is one of the issues I need to work through. Days 10 and 11 are when most people quit and I can see why. I’m focusing on one meal at a time. There’s no real craving to cheat, it’s more of a “Why am I doing this again?” feeling. But, I feel better, I love not being bloated ever, so I’m sticking with it!

Day 11 – Wednesday
Breakfast – HBE after my workout. 2 eggs with spinach and proscuitto, sweet potatoes. My dinner last night was not large enough and I definitely felt it this morning. Probably should have added some avocado in there as well.
Lunch – Chipotle – carnitas/lettuce/guac/pico with strawberries and raspberries
Dinner – Out at Oceanaire. Filet with shrimp, scallops, asparagus

The client was in town and we were in all day meetings. I provided the snacks, so at least I picked healthy. But if I can make it through a day where m&m’s and popcorn are in front of me, I can make it through any day.

Day 12 – Thursday
Breakfast – HBE after my workout. 2 eggs with spinach and carnitas, sweet potatoes. The carnitas are so dry, I’m ditching them. Not sure what I did wrong there, but they are inedible.
Lunch – Chicken burger topped with avocado, brussel sprouts and a side salad with lemon vinaigrette. After all of my meat yesterday, I’m trying to get some veggies in today.
Dinner – Brasa – pulled pork, fried plaintains, yams. Was hoping for something besides starchy vegetables but no luck.

Today was a good day. It was definitely food for fuel, but I felt satisfied all day, and did much less snacking on fruit than I did yesterday.

Day 13 – Friday
Breakfast – 3 eggs with spinach and leftover Brasa carnitas. Not enough fat, so I ate some cashews/coconut/almond butter/raspberries when I got to work.
Lunch – Chicken burger topped with avocado, asparagus and a side salad with lemon vinaigrette.
Dinner – Roast chicken, brussel sprouts, sweet potato. Banana/almond butter/cashews/coconut.

Day 14 – Saturday
Breakfast – eggs spinach with chicken apple sausages
Lunch – chicken spinach artichoke wrapped in prosciutto, carrots, sweet potatoes

2 responses to “Whole30 Week 2

  1. Way to go for 2nd week W30! Thank for including our breakfast casserole recipe!

  2. Grammy says:

    Way to go, kid! I admire your determination and will power. And it makes me think everytime I put something in my mouth.

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