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Dance Recital 2014

on June 3, 2014

The girls have been adamant that they are done with dance. This year was a struggle all year long for many reasons. We skipped a few classes to attend school things, and I stopped at McDonald’s for treats on the way home occasionally to give them something to look forward to. But in the end, I can’t make them love dance so this may be our last dance recital. They both love to dance, so maybe in a few years they’ll want to come back to it? A mom can dream.

I took videos at dress rehearsal, but the routine was looking rough. Let’s just say we practiced a lot between Thursday and Sunday, and it made a definite difference on recital day!

Here’s their tap routine! Delaney and Caden are on the right side, Delaney is in the light and you can tell Caden by her impressive hip pops.

Ballet to I Feel Pretty, which my mom said was one of my grandma’s favorite songs. This was their favorite routine and favorite costume. We will definitely wear this again!

And a picture with their flowers. So pretty!


One response to “Dance Recital 2014

  1. Grammy says:

    Great Grandma Lois is smiling! I do hope they decide to continue with dance. They have so much potential – and I love the recitals.

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