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Whole30 Week 1

on June 1, 2014

Day 1 – Sunday
Breakfast – Sweet potato hash with eggs and breakfast sausage
Lunch – Sauteed mushrooms and shrimp over zoodles
Dinner – Asian Meatballs, asparagus, carrot/parsnip/cauliflower puree

Feeling good! Skipped frozen yogurt after the girls recital and drank my coffee black (coconut milk in it is GROSS).

Day 2 – Monday
Breakfast – Sweet potato hash with eggs and breakfast sausage. I like sweet potatoes, but not at breakfast. No more of this. Also had a hard boiled egg (HBE) after my workout this morning.
Lunch – Sonoma Chicken Salad (chicken, avocado, grapes, celery, pecans) over greens. I thought I made two portions of this salad, but it’s more like three. The sad part is that I completely overbaked my chicken, so it’s really dry. Looking at my menu plan for the week, I’m relying heavily on avocado. I love avocado as much as the next girl, but I need to find some other options for lunch or I’ll burn out.
Dinner – Chicken Fajitas with guacamole.

I did not have the sugar hangover that many people have on day two, then again, I’ve been cutting way back on my sugar for the last two weeks. I felt full all day, although wanted something sweet after lunch and dinner.

Day 3 – Tuesday
Breakfast – HBE after my workout, then bananas/blueberries/coconut/cashews with almond butter. My intention was to also have an egg with some sauteed greens, but I just wasn’t hungry.
Lunch – Sonoma Chicken Salad over greens with half an apple.
Dinner – Ginger Lime Shrimp (Well Fed) with sauteed zucchini and roasted sweet potato. I loved these shrimp, but they were too sour for the girls. Of course we make a similar recipe, but it’s Honey Lime and they love those. Gotta love the sugar.

I felt great again today, just like any other day. Tried an Americano from Starbucks, but barely drank half. Black coffee really is hard on my stomach, and my acid reflux is worse throughout the day (I cough a lot, because things come up that should stay down.) I think by the end of this I’m going to be down to one sip of coffee per day! On the upside, there is a group of girls at work that all bring a healthy lunch every day, so we’re going to head over to Target Field and eat lunch outside. Woo!

Day 4 – Wednesday
Breakfast – HBE after my workout. Two eggs with spinach and proscuitto.
Lunch – Sonoma Chicken Salad over greens with half an apple. Hallelujah that salad is gone! I’m going to make soup with the rest of the overbaked chicken.
Dinner – Roast chicken with broccoli, carrot/parsnip/cauliflower puree

Some intestinal distress, but I’m assuming all the crap is getting it’s way out of my system. Switched to only tea today and felt great, although I got really tired by 8pm.

Day 5 – Thursday
Breakfast – HBE after my workout. Two eggs scrambled with spinach, leftover fajita veggies, and breakfast sausage.
Mid-morning snack – Coconut/cashews/blueberries/strawberries/almond butter. I don’t think I had enough fat in my breakfast and definitely felt it an hour or so later.
Lunch – Asian meatballs with zoodles, carrot/parsnip/cauliflower puree. Wasn’t super hungry.
Dinner – Grilled salmon with avocado salsa. Parsnip fries and carrot/parsnip/cauliflower puree. I have tried salmon cooked a million different ways. I don’t like any of them.

I WANT TO EAT ALL THE CANDY. Working from home today and I’m not sure if it’s all the tempations or what, but I definitely want sweets.

Day 6 – Friday
Breakfast – HBE after my workout. Eggs with spinach and breakfast sausage. Grabbed a few blueberries from the fridge.
Lunch – leftover roast chicken with broccoli
Dinner – chicken avocado soup. Bananas/cashews/coconut

I had a bit of a short fuse today but nothing crazy. Super tired by 8pm again.

Day 7 – Saturday
Breakfast – Eggs with spinach and breakfast sausage. Blueberries/cashews/coconut/cashew butter
Lunch – Salad at Buffalo Wild Wings. Roast chicken, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes. I brought Nom Nom Paleo’s Avocado basil dressing.
Dinner – Burgers! Burger with guacamole, sauteed onions and mushrooms, tomato, and lettuce.

One response to “Whole30 Week 1

  1. Alyssa says:

    Yay! I think you’ll sail through this knowing your history, eating habits and planning personality. Avocados–I relied on these a lot too, I didn’t get sick of them but I did try and cut back once I got in the groove of things. I got really sick of eggs, really sick of them. I made it through day 23, Memorial Day mucked it up for me. My advice is to OVER plan if you’re going to be out of your comfort zone/out of town, that’s what did me in. Good luck and post away, I loved looking back throughout it and seeing what I was eating and how I was feeling.

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