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A few outfit pictures

on May 30, 2014

I have been taking pictures of the girls a) when I remember and b) when they don’t have coats on. It’s been warm this week which has been awesome! So nice not to have to hunt down sweatshirts before school!

I’m going to try very hard to do a 30 day photo challenge for June. As part of the Whole30 I’m going to try to stay off the computer more at night (more on that on Monday), so I’m thinking posting a picture each day instead of trying to come up with a story will be faster and easier. We shall see.

may 20

May 20. Delaney really wanted to wear her maxi skirt, but with a new shirt so we picked out a Minnie Mouse shirt that had similar colors. Caden is wearing one of my favorite new dresses. It’s a 3/4 sleeve, so I’m hoping they can wear it a few more times before it gets hot.

may 28

May 28. Bike to School day! I can’t believe we did this, and with minimal drama. We rode with our neighbors and having a second adult was definitely key. They had to cross two fairly busy streets and did awesome! We do this again next Wednesday.

may 29

May 29. I asked them to give me a pose, this is what I got.

2 responses to “A few outfit pictures

  1. Grammy says:

    You bring a smile to my mornings:)

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh, man. That flamingo dress! I love it! (Also, it greatly disturbs me that little girls automatically know how to strike a model pose. The first time Claire cocked her hip and pointed her toe I wanted to die. They absorb so much culture without us even knowing!)

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