The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

We’ve waited a long time for this

on May 28, 2014


Our babysitter had a commitment last night, so I came home from work early to get the girls off the bus. I love these nights because we have so much time! They’re home early enough that we can all relax for a bit, I can leisurely make dinner, and we still have time for a bike ride and roasting marshmallows over a backyard fire.


And even then, there was time for me to read my new cookbook on the deck while the girls pushed each other on the swings. They gathered lilacs to put in a vase, and read their books to me while the sun went down. It was the perfect evening and it was so nice to feel so peaceful, rather than hurried and rushed like we do most nights. It’s nights like this that make me want to switch around my working hours to get off work every day at 4:00 so we can spend more time together like this. But maybe these evenings are special because they don’t happen all the time?

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