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Birthday Light Sabers

on May 20, 2014

While my mom and I were at the bridal shower, my dad took the girls shopping for my birthday presents. There have been many hushed phone calls discussing these presents over the last week! When we got home there was a Creative Kidstuff bag sitting out that the girls said had my present in it. Isn’t that a kid store? I had no idea what they could have gotten me from that store! Finally I opened presents and inside was this –

photo (7)

Star Wars light saber popsicle molds! Delaney found a recipe for homemade popsicles a few weeks ago and they’ve been asking to make them ever since. But, we don’t have popsicle molds. I threw some on my Amazon wishlist to buy when it got warmer out, and my mom commented on them when she was asking what I wanted for my birthday. Of course the girls don’t forget anything, so when my dad took them shopping they asked Siri where to find popsicle molds. Siri directed them to Creative Kidstuff and there they were. They aren’t super big so I’m hoping that means they’ll freeze fast? Can’t wait to try them out!

One response to “Birthday Light Sabers

  1. Grammy says:

    Who wouldn’t want Star Wars light saber popsicle molds for a birthday present? 6 year olds using Siri — I love it!

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