The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Two Down

on May 16, 2014

Wednesday morning Delaney looked a little rough. She said her throat hurt, so I caved and let her stay home from school. I learned my lesson the day before pushing Caden, and I was taking the day off to bake so why not. Around noon as she was running laps around the house I debated that decision, but when she slept for an hour rather than reading books in her bed, and then woke up with a 101.5 fever, I knew we were on our way to the doctor again. Of course she had strep throat as well.

I’m an introvert who gets all of her socializing in at work. So working from home for four days with only two sick children to talk to? Let’s just say this girl is going a little stir crazy. I even chatted up the dance moms last night and I never do that. Both girls will be going to school today, without a doubt.

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