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Life with identical twins

Crazy Weekend

on May 5, 2014

I’m still a wee bit tired/hungover so a quick recap of our weekend.


I had the bachelorette party for my friend Amy, so the girls headed to the lake with my parents. I dressed up in a fancy Badgley Mischka sequin dress, drank champagne, and danced my feet off with my girlfriends. It was a blast! In case you’re wondering, you’ll get a lot of attention as a group of 25 women in sequin dresses. People stopped us left and right and asked what the deal was.

Sunday morning I headed out to the lake as well. We put the pontoon in, did a little fishing, and finished the last of the clean up. The girls were super helpers while they were out there. Raking leaves, getting the inside cleaned out, they had such a blast. I prepped my mom ahead of time that they are in a big eating phase right now so she came prepared. Note to my mother – next time you send banana bars home with us make sure they are gluten free. It’s killing me not to eat them!

And now we sleep.

One response to “Crazy Weekend

  1. Grammy says:

    So glad that the glitzy party was a success. (The banana bars were dairy-free:)

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