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All the Things

on April 25, 2014


* Last night we went to the Science Museum with the girls’ elementary school. With seriously, the entire elementary school and their parents. 800 people! I forget the specifics, I think maybe we got a grant from the state to do this? It was free so of course we went, bonus that the Science Museum has been on our list to go to for awhile. The downside was that the kids were super hyped for this, and basically ran from one thing to the next. It was hard to really check things out (which also made me glad it was free). The girls had a blast though, and I got to know Delaney’s BFF and her mom a little better so wins all around.

* Caden’s teacher was checking families in for the museum trip so we stopped and said hello to her. She asked Caden if she had told me her big reading news. She’s reading Level I books now! I think Levels A-D are kindergarten reading level. She moved up to E in January, and has been reading F and G books in March and April. She tested her yesterday and she breezed through H level books, so now she’s at I! Things have really clicked for her and I couldn’t be happier.

* Caden is still eating everything in sight. Breakfast at home (sometimes multiple breakfasts), breakfast at school, lunch, snack twice, and then a huge dinner. Last night she ate three pieces of pizza!

* Because I’m getting up early to work out, I get about an hour less sleep every night. Every night I promise myself I’m going to get to bed early, but every night I fail to do so. It’s really starting to catch up to me! I’m exhausted and even my usual dose of caffeine isn’t helping. Hoping to catch up on a bit of sleep this weekend, but I really need to get to bed earlier!

One response to “All the Things

  1. Grammy says:

    Great-grandma Lois would be so thrilled to have another reader in the family. Way to go, Caden!

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