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Starting Again

on April 24, 2014

At the beginning of last summer I was in great shape. I was running consistently, we were at the pool a lot, and I remember feeling really good. That kept up most of the summer and by fall I was at my lowest weight in a while. Then I had the Mirena put in, and gained somewhere around seven pounds by the end of the year. Since pulling it, I’ve been trying to lose the weight and get back to a body that’s less squishy and feels more like me, but it’s been hard. Turning 40 didn’t help, but I’m not running as consistently or as far as I need to, I’m not doing any other exercising, and my eating is decent at best.

At a bridal shower for my good friend Amy, Amy and Corinne started telling me about an exercise program they were doing and how they were getting stronger and felt great (Amy’s lost a ton of weight and looks amazing!). There was something about their enthusiasm that really stuck with me. I realized that I was finally ready to get serious about exercising again. The next morning I emailed my friend who is a Beachbody coach and ordered the T25 DVD’s.

This is currently week two of exercising every morning. The first week was ROUGH. I was sore everywhere. It hurt to walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to stand. (As Delaney watched me attempt things she said “Mom, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” Thanks!) But, week two has gone much better and I’m not nearly as sore. Getting up every morning at 6:30am is no joke though. The DVD is only 25 minutes, but I like my sleep! I’ve been trying to keep my eye on the prize, and remember that putting in the work will be worth it in the end. It helps that I know I feel better overall when I’m exercising consistently.

But, after gaining a pound week one I realized I definitely need to address the food side of things as well. Because I’m gluten free, I eat fairly well 85% of the time. I make most of my meals and eat very few processed foods, so that helps. I always eat a healthy breakfast, and most of the time my lunch is fairly nutritious as well. Dinner is where I start sliding, and after the girls are in bed I tend to get bored and dream up fun things to eat.

I’m doing the Shakeology shakes and I’m not sure yet how I feel about them. I love the convenience of drinking a shake instead of trying to make a meal for myself, especially on nights when we have an activity later (gymnastics and dance) and I’m making the girls something that I won’t eat (mac & cheese or quesadillas). They’re also convenient for lunch considering my gluten free options are limited and there’s no one in the office to go out to lunch with anyway. The main thing I don’t like about them is the stevia. I hate that taste.

I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing a Whole30 for over a year now. You cut alcohol, dairy, grains, sugar, and msg/sulfites from your diet. A few bloggers I follow have done it and have said it’s changed them completely. They’re well rested, they feel great, and they have a greater appreciation for the food they put in their bodies. My main reason for not doing it up until now is that you really have to make every single meal you eat, and it involves a lot of prep and a lot of thinking ahead. Also, I love my oatmeal and greek yogurt. But, I’m ready to change my relationship with food. I need to step away from sugar, and I need to figure out what beyond gluten is angering my body.

I have Amy’s wedding in May (plus the bachelorette and my birthday), so I’m going to start this June 1. I’ve been pinnning Whole30 meal plans like crazy and hope to incorporate at least a few of the meals into our general rotation prior to June so that when I do this, it isn’t such a shock. I’m hoping to find meals that I can modify slightly for myself, but that the girls can eat also. If anyone else is interested in doing this please let me know! I think group support is essential for something like this.

It feels really good to be putting in this effort. To get up early and make the time for exercise, rather than hoping I find the time for a run. I want to be strong and toned again!

4 responses to “Starting Again

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve never heard of Whole30! Checking it out now. I don’t think there’s a chance in the world that I’d be able to pull this off in my house, but I am definitely considering some sort of morning/afternoon juice thing. With the exception of the occasional lunch out, I spend a lot of time trying to make leftovers work, and I am really over it! When I did the Blueprint Cleanse, by favorite part was not having to think about food, and not having to chew. I’m ready to do some more of that, but not necessarily ready to do a full-on cleanse.

    • Erin says:

      I love juicing! You can get a juicer for under $100. Now that I’ve juiced for a year, I know what staple produce I need in my house to be able to pull something decent together. The green juices I have to plan for, but those feel so nutritious and healthy, it’s like a boost to your day. Although I’ve found that if I workout that day, I can’t replace a meal with a juice, it just isn’t enough for me.

  2. momsolo says:

    I have heard of the Whole 30. My friend swears by it then most of the year, she does Paleo.
    And yes, juicing is the best!!! It got way too expensive and time consuming though, as a single mom and I’ve found an alternative that I adore… it’s 9 fruits and 9 veggies in capsules. This stuff changes the game! They even have free gummies for the kiddos! I love it so much! xox

  3. […] Last time I posted about my execise routine, I was in week two. Now I’m in week 5 of T25. This is the last week of the Alpha DVD’s, which are the foundation of the rest of the moves. Next week I start the Beta DVD’s and I’m a little nervous! I’m feeling stronger definitely, but I’m hoping I’m ready to take the next step. […]

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