The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 23, 2014

The girls have made friends with girls not in their kindergarten class. It’s cute, but also vaguely confusing because names come up randomly and I can never remember how they know them. Bus? After school? Classroom? Delaney has been lobbying hard for play dates with these friends. Unfortunately for her we’ve been busy lately, and I’m also horrible at planning play dates with moms I don’t know. But, this does not deter her and she came home with phone numbers scribbled on paper Monday.

Last night my cell phone rang and while I didn’t recognize the number, it was local so I answered. It was her friend’s mom! I immediately started laughing when I realized that Delaney sent my number home with her friend. I thought her mom was calling to set up a play date but oh no! The friend wanted to chat with Delaney. O M G. I about died.

There was giggling and questions and more giggling and we will hopefully meet up with them on Saturday at some kite thing.

(From Caden there was tears, but what can you do? I separated them so they would make separate friends and they did.)

2 responses to “O M G

  1. Grammy says:

    How long before they are lobbying for their own cell phones?!! It makes me chuckle to think of them exchanging phone numbers. How cute. Next it will be the boys calling.

  2. Jessica says:

    How do you handle the tears and all that comes with one getting something and the other not? Do you remind what could happen? How has it been for both you and your girls in terms of separating them in school? Do you find that it is hard with school work, being present in the classrooms, etc? I have twin girls entering kindergarten in the fall, and am debating separating them…

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