The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Not Healing Well

on April 17, 2014

photo (5)

Lucy has her follow up appointment this morning. Her surgery was over two weeks ago, so by this time everything should be healed up nicely. Should. There are still two stitches remaining, but the wound from the tumor is not healing well. I’ve kept a sock on her foot, and twice I’ve thought things were healing, but then the sock is off for five minutes and everything is opened back up again. I finally got smart and bought some self adhesive gauze wraps. But, she hated those more than the sock, and chewed them off in the middle of the night.

At this point, I’m hoping to only get yelled at mildly by the vet. Maybe I’ll just get the side eye? There’s no way they’ll be happy. We’re doing the best we can though. She doesn’t tolerate the e-collar, what else can I do?

eta: We did not get yelled at! And we even got my favorite vet. New skin is growing, so she’s happy. I need to keep things wrapped up for at least another week, and we go back in two weeks. If we can get even just a few more days of solid healing without Lucy licking it back open, we’ll be good. Yeah!

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