The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

I did it to myself

on April 16, 2014

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to think of what the Easter Bunny should put in the girls’ Easter baskets. The girls can be crazy sugar fiends, so I’ve been trying to think of non-candy items. The problem is, everything I think of, they already have.

* Sunglasses? Check. Got new pairs on one of our Old Navy runs.
* Swimsuits? Check. Got new for their birthday.
* Flip Flops? Check. Bought through Zulily a month ago, they’ve been wearing them since.
* Clothes? Check. They have more then plenty.

I was going to go buy them some books, but I realized they had gotten chapter books in the past, but I pulled them from their bookshelf and put them downstairs. Guess what? Pulling those back out for Easter! They’ll never remember that they already own them. It’s a win for everyone.

But, all of this is a good reminder that the girls don’t need to get things for no reason. I read a blog post once where a mom said her kids never got something for no reason. You need new underwear and socks? Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t want to go that far, but I do feel like the girls a getting a little present greedy these days, and that needs to get pulled back.

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