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Life with identical twins

Back at Gymnastics

on April 15, 2014

Last night was week two of gymnastics. We’re doing the community ed class again, because they’re cheap, the classes are small, and I know the kids have fun in between activities, all of which were the girls’ requests.

I have mixed feelings regarding these classes. The instructors are very hit and miss, and we’ve slogged through months where the girls weren’t learning anything new at all. When registering them for this session, I somewhat purposely registered them one level above where I thought they should go. They are relatively coordinated from dance, and I hoped that would help them out. Mostly, I didn’t want to sit and watch while once again, they did the exact same exercises they’d been doing since they were two. So far this year, I haven’t seen enough to know which way this will go. 50/50 it could go either way.

This week the vault was the first apparatus. The kids were supposed to do a tuck jump and get their feet up onto the vault. The older kids could do it. My girls jumped and then threw their entire body against the vault. Oops! She showed them how to bring their knees up to their chest, but the next run they went right at the vault again. I called them over and we discussed knees to chest and their last vault got significantly better. It was adorable, but I wondered if I had made a mistake.

I chatted with the coach after the class and she said they were fine. We’ll work on some things at home. They used to do very good tuck jumps, so I’m hoping they just need to remember some of the skills.

But, I still need a plan for next year. I can keep them in community ed lessons and hope we get a good coach. There is a gym that a neighbor girl goes to which is more than community ed, less than dance, that we could do. And then there is another gym that is more competitive that would probably be a similar cost to dance lessons.

I’d like to keep the cost down, but more than anything I want the girls to enjoy the lessons. I also want them to learn something though, so that needs to be taken into account as well. We’ll see how this session continues, but I’m leaning towards the middle tier gym with the neighbor girl. A friend to take lessons with, but also a more well equipped gym (and I’m assuming better coaches?), plus a friend for me to chat up during lessons.

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