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Daycare Friends

on April 14, 2014

* We had two birthday parties this weekend, both friends from daycare. My dad was surprised that we still keep in contact with any of them, but there are a few moms from Caden’s room that continue to do things together and I love it. We’re all at different elementary schools so it’s nice to compare notes, and we all became such good friends that it’s fun catching up. Caden was super happy to hang out with her ‘boyfriend’ again. He continues to declare his intention to marry her, but we’ve all agreed they need to be at least 25 for that to happen.

* I’m not really friends with any kindergarten moms except Delaney’s BFF’s mom. I thought about why that was this weekend, but really, we daycare moms became friends while hanging out at all of the birthday parties. We’ve only gone to one kindergarten birthday party, plus, most parties are drop off events now anyway. I need to make an effort to meet these other moms, just not sure how. (PTA?)

* Both birthday parties were active and the girls crashed hard after both. The problem is that they fight that exhaustion and won’t just hang on the couch and rest for a bit, which means we had a lot of emotional breakdowns.

* Also contributing to the emotional breakdowns are the huge growth spurts the girls are going through right now. Caden has clocked in at 37 lbs for a while now, but she weighed herself this weekend and weighs 40 lbs! That’s crazy!

* If I ever say that I’m going to repaint all of my trim ever again, please slap me. This is a never ending project. The trim needs two coats, which is taking forever. It didn’t help that I ran out of paint and it took me forever to get back to the paint store. At this point the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom are all done except for the doors (which I’ll do all on the same day) and a few touches on the windows that I need to do when it’s warmer out. The girls’ room is close as well. I’m debating repainting the trim in my room, since it will take FOREVER. If I squint, that trim looks white enough.

One response to “Daycare Friends

  1. Amanda says:

    We joined Angie’s List and they always have good deals on painters. I have decided that I will never again paint my own trim, because it is crazy-making. I’ve been good about packing my lunch and not getting an afternoon coffee so that I can save for someone to paint for me!

    It was great to see you this weekend, even if the girls were exhausted. I totally forgot I have a bunch of clothes for you – some of them summer friendly – so we need to get together again soon! Perhaps a lunch date next week?

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