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Next Food – Refried Beans!

on April 9, 2014

Last week’s food of the week was refried beans. I soaked the beans on Sunday, then cooked them all day in the crock pot on Monday. I had made rice for one meal, and salsa verde chicken for another, so all week long I was eating rice/salsa/beans/cheese/chicken/avocado smash up and it was SO GOOD. I kind of forgot how much I love refried beans! So creamy. Luckily, Delaney realized she likes them too. Caden, not so much, but I’ll bring them out again and again so hopefully that will change. I’m hoping these will be great for their lunches, good protein and fiber.

We went out to lunch one day and one of the sides was rice and black beans. Delaney loved both, so now I’m on the hunt for more great bean recipes. Our tex mex week worked out well last week, so I will happily repeat that with some new recipes. I’ve been combing Homesick Texan’s site and have a few pinned already.

This week’s new food is craisins. I have to send two snacks every day this summer and I’m hoping to be able to make big batches of trail mix for one. Raisins are very hit or miss, I’m hoping they like craisins and I can include those.

2 responses to “Next Food – Refried Beans!

  1. Amanda says:

    I made this in the crockpot a couple of weeks ago, and Claire ate it all! It’s not very spicy, just really flavorful:

    And I made this a couple of days ago. We didn’t think the lentils could stand alone, so we served over rice. Also not very spicy, but tasty! And the leftovers are great:

  2. Erin says:

    Thank you! I have one more pork shoulder in the freezer so this recipe is perfect! Put it on the calendar.

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