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Not how I wanted to start my week

on April 8, 2014

Yesterday morning I could hear Lucy licking her paw, which couldn’t mean anything good. I looked at it and realized she had gotten out at least three of the stitches, only two remained. We hauled her to the vet after the girls got off the bus and sure enough, they wanted to put her under anesthesia to suture things up again. OF COURSE THEY DID.

I like my vet, but they want to do every surgery, every everything. Yes the wound is open, but put her under? Really? Delaney only needed topical lidocaine for her stitches! After getting lectured for not making her wear her e-collar, I flat out told her no. She got an injectable antibiotic shot ($109!!) and we were on our way. Lucy will now be wearing a sock over her foot for the foreseeable future.

As I’m paying, I asked the girls to walk Lucy over and get a basket so we could get her more canned food. Caden got wrapped up in the middle of things and almost tripped, and then Lucy decided to say hello to all the people. The vet tech ladies thought it was all hilarious. Welcome to my circus.

On the way to the food we passed the cats and yikes, there was a very pretty kitty in there that looked like a grey/white version of Madison. I snapped her picture just in case I change my mind about getting another cat. The card said she likes to cuddle…

2 responses to “Not how I wanted to start my week

  1. Grammy says:

    Just keep that photo of the kitty. Much less work!

  2. […] was over two weeks ago, so by this time everything should be healed up nicely. Should. There are still two stitches remaining, but the wound from the tumor is not healing well. I’ve kept a sock on her foot, and twice […]

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