The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Spring Break Day 3

on April 3, 2014

Quick Lucy update. Tuesday she hung out near us, but didn’t get the rest she needed. Wednesday she bailed on us completely and slept the day away on her bed, which she totally needed. Poor puppy. Bandage on her paw comes off today. We’re supposed to go into the vet’s office to do it, but I may do it at home.


Another one from Tuesday! I completely forgot we did this until I reached into my purse again. Caden really wants to go to Disney World, but she was afraid of the characters last time we went. This was completely her idea to test if she could handle the character. I didn’t think she would get near the bunny but she even gave him a hug before we left.


Long ago, my plan for this week was to head to Wisconsin Dells and stay at a hotel for a few days and hit their epic water parks. Except, they kind of jack their prices up for these spring break weeks so that was out of the question. Instead, I grabbed a groupon for the local water park and we went there on Wednesday.

The girls were crazy excited to a) wear their bikinis and b) swim. Online it looked like this place was huge, but it was kind of deceiving. The zero depth entry was also a wave pool, so that was tricky. The spray/water slide park for little ones was super fun, but the water was only a foot deep so you couldn’t swim. The 3 foot section was perfect, except the teenage boys were playing basketball there and I got bonked in the face a time or two.

I had all day passes, and I truly thought we would be there all day, eating dinner there only to come home and collapse into bed. Instead, the girls went full blast for an hour, and then once we took a break to grab a snack, things went south. It was kind of chilly in there, so if you weren’t in the water, you got cold. Caden wasn’t feeling the best, and wanted to go home. Delaney and I talked her into another hour of playing around before we were all ready to go home.

I think this place was probably built 10+ years ago? The locker rooms were tiny, and had three tiny spots to change. I have no modesty and would have changed anywhere, but there was literally nowhere to go unless you could get back to a bathroom to change and I knew I couldn’t trust the girls to change by themselves in a bathroom.

And still, we had a ton of fun. We floated on the lazy river a ton of times, and the water slides for little kids were honestly really fun. Next time I would get the half day pass and bring along another adult. We could have done the bigger water slides, but the kids had to be with an adult, and you could only have two people on a raft. Now we know!

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