The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Spring Break Day 2

on April 2, 2014

Spring Break Day 2 was scheduled to be a mostly at home day. With Lucy recovering from surgery I wanted to be near her. Turns out I probably should have gotten the kids out of the house more, I think she needed a little more quiet to sleep. Oh well, she retreated to her bed in the afternoon and we did leave for a few hours.

Now that the rooms are all painted, I’m repainting trim white. Not nearly as fun or as easy as painting walls, plus everything needs two coats of paint. I also seem to be employing some weird system of painting wherein I paint most of an area, but leave the edges unpainted so I keep having to go back and give something else another coat. More coffee please!

One of my very good friends is getting married in May, so the girls and I headed out to find shower gifts. I was going to do some sort of themed gift, but why can you never find the registry gifts in the store? I finally gave up and went with what we could find. One of the measuring cups is glass and Caden said “Mom? Do you think Amy will know how to not drop the glass and break it?” I think she can handle it Caden.

While they were boxing things up we took a spin around the store. Caden found these pillows that she fell in love with and asked me to buy. I told her I wasn’t going to buy her a pillow for her bed since she never sleeps in it, then jokingly said if they slept in their own beds every night for the month of April I would buy them each that pillow. Oh shit. I just looked the pillow up online and it’s $75!

Because shopping really isn’t picture worthy, here are some bubble pictures from Monday when it was actually warm outside. Our snow is slowly but surely melting!

bubbles 1

bubbles 2

bubbles 3

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