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Spring Break Day 1

on April 1, 2014

Spring break day 1 did not start in any sort of promising way. First, we had to be up early to get Lucy to the vet. (She had surgery on the tumor on her paw, as well as a dental cleaning and three teeth pulled. She’s fine, she did fine, but the vet bill quadrupled from the time I dropped her off to the time I picked her up. Yowch.) Second, Caden has a cold which landed her in my bed because she was choking on the phlegm throughout the night. I slept very little. I haven’t been this exhausted since the girls were newborns. My body likes its eight hours of sleep! Third, we had to go into my work for a few meetings since things went sideways last Friday.

But! The weather was going to be warm, and the rain happened while we were at work so we were optimistic. After the meetings, we grabbed lunch and headed to the Macy’s flower show. The girls had requested that they be able to take pictures with my big camera, so all of these shots are theirs!

flower 1

They had lots and lots of tulips out. So gorgeous! Also, it was pretty low light, but the girls’ pictures weren’t blurry. So proud of them!

flower 2

In the middle was this gorgeous dress. This picture doesn’t do it justice. So beautiful! It reminded me of something Project Runway would do if they had weeks to pull it together.

flower 3

I loved this guy, but all the girls could see was the butterfly.

flower 4

They had signs up by all of the flowers, but I can’t remember what these were. Loved the pinks though!

3 responses to “Spring Break Day 1

  1. Laraf123 says:

    The girls took great photos of those flowers–a nice way to start spring break!

  2. Bobbi says:

    Those girls do a pretty good job with that camera. Just another one of the many reasons to be a proud momma 🙂

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