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Step One

on March 31, 2014

A few months ago I drove around with my Dad and took pictures of the cabinets he’s installed for his website. I fell in love with a few houses that just had one paint color throughout the main floor. Those houses were contrasted by the houses with younger owners where every room was a different color. To be fair, that is my house right now. There isn’t any cohesion, each room is the color I want it to be, regardless if that color flows well into the next room. I was ready for a change, and knew I needed to make one before I sold anyway.

Every project I do at this point is with resale in mind. We’ll be in this house for somewhere between 1-4 more years. There are projects that need to happen before it goes on the market though, and I’m slowly slogging through them since I have the time. Project number one, make things a little more neutral, and more cohesive paint wise.

I hit up Pinterest to try to find a good grey. Grey’s are tricky, because they look different in every light. I found a great post (which I will never find again) that categorized them into three categories: Blue greys, Cement greys, and Greiges. Because the bedrooms and bathroom are all some shade of blue, I knew that I needed to look into the blue grey and cement grey groups.

I have hit up Home Depot multiple times and have never come home with any suitable paint chips. I went to Sherwin Williams with a list in hand, but abandoned it quickly and just went with the grey paint chips that seemed to be in the groups I was looking for. I got samples of each of those and painted them on two walls – the living room and the dining room. The light is completely different in those two rooms, so whichever color I picked needed to work in both rooms.


Initially we all liked #1. Two and four were dismissed immediately because they were too purple, and three was too dark. Five looked different in every light which was confusing. But the more I looked at #1, the more I felt that it was too light and lacked any depth of color. I loved three, but knew it was too dark. That left #5! The more I looked at it, the more I liked it.

Saturday morning my parents came up and we KNOCKED. IT. OUT. They got to my house at 8:30, we were painting by 9:15, and finished with the dining and living rooms by 1:30. We took another hour to clean up and tackled a bit of the kitchen before heading out to shop for new accessories. I hadn’t intended to redecorate, but as I took things out of the rooms Friday night, I realized they wouldn’t be coming back in. I’ve gone with a brown/red color scheme for 13 years, and none of my decor worked with a blue/grey color scheme. Luckily, we hit the jackpot at Home Goods and found everything I needed.


And here is my new grown up living room! The color is absolutely perfect in this house. It reads as blue for the most part, although now that the kitchen is painted that reads very grey. I love it! I also knew I needed something bigger above the couch than what I previously had there. My mom suggested a mirror, and when I saw this in the aisle I knew it was it. The pictures on either side were on clearance, and work perfectly. It really makes everything much more elegant.

I took a few pictures last night, but I need to do more cleaning and more trim painting before I post pictures of the other areas. I will say, I really didn’t want to bring the toys back into the living room once all of the new art was up. I’m going to go through them one more time and try to get down to only toys that will fit into the bins. I’m never going to be able to get rid of them completely, but I’m hoping to camouflage things a bit better than they are now.

I finished the kitchen on Sunday, so the rest of the week is just trim painting. The dining room trim is currently cream, I cannot wait to see how that room looks with bright white trim. It will be completely transformed.

2 responses to “Step One

  1. Grammy says:

    Thank goodness we had a budding interior designer shopping with us. Good choices, Caden!

  2. Amanda says:

    It looks great! We’ve started scraping the very stubborn wallpaper out of the hallways, and hope to have that and the downstairs bathroom done before my parents come visit in late April. I just realized that you haven’t been to our place yet, because of the silly dogs! Claire had her friend Sage over a couple of weeks ago and it went well, so you and the girls should come see us soon. Claire would be so excited!

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