The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

And … it’s Friday

on March 28, 2014

Full disclosure: I’m exhausted and I have a bunch of pictures, but likely no funny stories to go with them. Apologies in advance.

On a high note though, our new refrigerator was delivered today. Yay! No more frozen fruits and vegetables! I’m very excited about that part. Also excited because this one is a side by side, whereas before we had a regular fridge. Feeling very fancy today.

We have to go alll the way back to two weeks ago to start this off!

march 14

Friday, March 14. Oooh, Laney is angry again.

march 16

Sunday, March 16. I think we went to church this day?

march 17

Monday, March 17. St. Patrick’s Day! We found some green for both of them. Caden even got curls!

march 18

Tuesday, March 18. Caden is channeling her inner teenager here.

march 19

Wednesday, March 19. And Delaney is angry again. I do think we got Caden’s hair sorted out before she went to school. Hopefully.

march 25

Tuesday, March 25. My SIL gave the girls these sweater dresses and they love them. They get worn a lot!

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