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Broadening our food horizons

on March 27, 2014

My kids are probably middle of the road as far as picky eaters go. They have a decent variety of foods they eat, and they do like at least a few fruits and vegetables. But, there are a lot of foods they won’t eat and that gets maddening. I recently read the book Cure Your Child With Food. I loved the book. Being gluten intolerant, I’m super aware of how the food I eat makes me feel, so I totally get the connection. The book covered so many different scenarios, that even if none of them fits your kids exactly, you’ll still take away some great information.

One of the things she talks about is getting kids to try new foods. She uses the E.A.T. program. Eliminate any food intolerances or empty calorie foods. Add new foods. Try one bite of the new food every day for two weeks. I’ve tried to get the girls to take one bite of a new food at dinner, but it never ever goes well. They’d maybe take a bite that night, but then they wouldn’t see that food again for a long time, so they never figured out if they actually liked the food or not.

I pitched the idea to the girls and remarkably, they were in. Over dinner one night we came up with a list of foods that they wanted to try. For my side of the list, I focused on foods that I wanted to be able to pack in their lunches. They’ve become super burned out with our lunches, and they often come home practically uneaten. I see all of these ideas on other blogs, but know my kids wouldn’t touch those lunches. I’m hoping this will net us at least a few new foods for the summer.

Here’s our list: Almonds, hummus, green beans, salad, pepperoni, peas, zucchini, spinach, carrots, cheese, and craisins.

We started with almonds. They refuse to eat anything that has nuts in it, even though they’ve never eaten an almond. I love almonds, and always have almonds on hand, so they would be a great snack for on the go and in their lunches. The first night they each ate one almond. The second night Delaney ate three almonds. Success! Because it was going well, I switched it up a bit and gave them honey yogurt with homemade granola. My granola has cashews and almonds, and before they wouldn’t have touched it. Last night they each ate a dish of it. They’re burnt out on Chobani right now, but loved the honey yogurt. Success!

I think so much of this is capitalizing on the girls willingness to try new foods. If they would have been against this, I probably wouldn’t have pushed it. But I was surprised at how excited they were. Delaney really wants to be able to eat pepperoni pizza. I think even she is sick of cheese pizza, but pepperoni is spicy and takes a little getting used to. Trying a bite at a time will hopefully work with their palates.

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