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Taking me back

on March 26, 2014

What I didn’t know when I signed the girls up for a Thursday night dance class, is that every single elementary function is on Thursday nights. We’ve missed carnivals, math nights, and science fairs. The only exception I made was for the Family Science Night at the high school and that was definitely worth the make up dance class. The girls thought they were going to miss the Roller skating fundraiser as well, but a blizzard meant it was rescheduled for a Monday night. We could go!

They were so excited about this. The babysitter got all of their homework and dance practice done before I got home, so they just needed to eat and we were out the door. As we stood in line to pay they saw a bunch of their friends. All of the kids were shouting and hugging, it was adorable.

I haven’t roller skated in years, and couldn’t remember how difficult it is to pick up. Turns out, fairly difficult. After finally getting skates the right size, the girls took off with their friends. I put our stuff away and then found them. It wasn’t hard, they were the kids constantly falling down.

The first hour was non stop falling down. They tried holding my hand and tried skating on their own, they tried hanging onto the wall, and skating in a smaller section where they wouldn’t get run over. It was like some sort of cartoon, with legs and arms flailing everywhere. We were all sweating and frustrated, but we kept at it. They really wanted to be able to skate!

After some practice in the smaller section we ventured back out to the big rink. It clicked with both of them and things started going infinitely better. Caden found her hustle, and realized if she shimmied her shoulders and hips, and kind of did this run/skate thing, she could do okay. Delaney held my hand and did the slow stride thing, and made it around an entire time without falling!

Of course by this time we were all thirsty and tired. We took a break, then went out for one last skate. By this time they were doing well, but doing well means going faster and faster means bigger falls. They both fell within a few minutes of each other, with tears all around. I felt so bad! I scooped Caden up and skated her over to Delaney, with visions of another broken bone, that’s how hard she was crying. I think more than anything, she was tired, but it was a flashback I didn’t need.

After hearing about all of this, my dad is now hell bent on going roller skating with them. The rink is super close to us, and I think if we go early it’s family friendly (from the website, it apparently is adults only later at night? WOW). Perhaps a staycation activity?

2 responses to “Taking me back

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve been dying to take Claire skating, and used to go skating with my grandpa when I was a kid. Let’s plan an outing! I’m a pretty good skater, and can probably give the little ones so pointers. (See you soon, also!)

  2. […] spring after we went rollerskating with their elementary school, my dad had commented that he would love to go with us sometime. Saturday was the perfect day since […]

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