The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Staycation Planning

on March 25, 2014

I had a business trip last week. Out to LA Thursday morning, back to Minneapolis Friday morning. Back in the day I used to travel every week, so these one night trips are a breeze. Except the kid shenanigans.

One neighbor got the girls on the bus, one neighbor got them off the bus, the babysitter got them to dance class, and another neighbor gave them cash for their field trip. It was a lot of moving parts, and I had a lot of anxiety about this trip, as did the girls. I was super stressing about them knowing where to go, and people knowing where to pick them up, I was a mess. Consequently, I didn’t sleep well at all last week, especially right before and during the trip. For my next trip, I definitely need to figure something else out.

There has been so much stress in my life lately, all I keep thinking is that I need a vacation! Luckily, I have one coming up with spring break, but it’s not going to be the relaxing beach vacation that I need. I’m trying to figure out a balance of getting things done, and some rest and relaxation for everyone, but honestly, I”m not holding my breath. Right now, getting things done is winning out over relaxation. I do not want a half painted house at the end of this.

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