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A Break

on March 19, 2014

I haven’t talked much about dance classes this year. They are a weird mix of love and hate that is hard to explain.

The girls went from 8 girls in their class to 20. While they have fun in class, it’s a bitch getting them there. We went through week after week where Delaney complained that she didn’t want to go. I don’t blame her, by Thursday night we’re all tired! But I’d already paid for costumes so off to ballet we went. Also? I know they have fun in class, so I figured it was just that they were tired and wanted to stay home. Classes are also definitely harder this year. They’re pushing the girls a bit, but my girls catch on to the choreography relatively quickly. They aren’t doing it perfectly, but they remember it and do a good job with it.

But now they are saying they don’t want to take dance lessons next year. I’ve asked a lot of questions, mostly “Why?” Delaney says over and over that the lessons are too long. Oddly enough, lessons have been an hour for the last three years. What if we did a different night? Different teacher? Different studio? But they are adamant that they want to do gymnastics instead. I think last year (and when they did gymnastics) they had a smaller class size and really connected with a few of the girls and made friends. This year, there are too many kids, they’re always next to someone different, and there isn’t the same giggling in between things that there used to be.

On the one hand? Awesome. Gymnastics at the community center are *much* cheaper than dance. On the other hand? My girls love to dance and they’re good at it! I don’t want them to stop! It doesn’t help that I don’t love the gymnastics lessons through community ed. At least those are only for six or eight weeks at a time, and we can find a different gym if they love gymnastics. (But I seriously can’t imagine them not being dancers! I’m mostly focusing on the money aspect because I don’t love this decision, but I also know I need to respect this decision. I am however overriding them and signing them up for soccer this summer. Sorry, but Mommy wins sometimes.)

I’m hoping the break will be a good thing. If I remember correctly, I took a few years off from dance lessons when I was younger, and came back to it when I was old enough to really make the decision myself, which made me that much more committed to it.

2 responses to “A Break

  1. Amanda says:

    Have you thought about checking out Circus Juventas? Claire LOVES it there, and it’s an interesting mix of performance, dance and gymnastics. They’re having the spring show next month – Claire is performing on April 30, May 2 and May 3 – and it might be fun for them to see it. We’re going on opening night and then our families are going on May 2. You should get tickets and come check it out! I was a skeptic at first, but the Circus Juventas teachers are amazing, and they push the kids and make sure they are learning the acrobatics (unlike swimming at the Y, where they never correct for bad form).

  2. Erin says:

    At this point, they are hell bent on gymnastics. I think it’s more about a smaller class with their friends, than about what they’re doing. If they want to continue gymnastics beyond that, we’ll go to a gymnastics gym rather than community ed.

    We will absolutely come to the Circus Juventas show though! LIkely opening night as well, since I have stuff going on that weekend.

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