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The State of Lucy

on March 18, 2014


After Lucy got sick last year, her health has gone slowly but steadily downhill. Her arthritis got worse, and the heat from the summer about did her in. She’s 13 now, which for a golden retriever is old. Even though we’re at the vet fairly frequently, I’m never super sure how she’s doing.

After Madison died, her anxiety ratcheted up about 10 notches. The day we took Madison in she was a ball of nerves, pacing constantly and not leaving my side. She knew something was wrong. After, she just wasn’t herself. I even told my mom I thought she would go downhill quickly because she just seemed so lost without Maddy. (Maddy was the alpha in our house, which given the size of the two of them is hilarious, but so it went.)

Right now she takes Rimadyl (advil for dogs) twice a day, and glucosamine and prozac in the morning. I have a lot of anxiety about how much pain she’s in. She’s a dog, so it’s her nature to not show pain. My only real tell is if she lays on her side and snores while she sleeps. Then I know she’s relaxed. But, if she lays on her belly, I always wonder.

As far as the prozac goes, I won’t know if it’s helping her anxiety for another month or so. I’m praying it does, because she needs a break there. We’ve also been taking her for short walks, which also seems to help. A little exercise goes a long way for her.

On top of everything else, I had her groomed in February and the groomer found a bump/tumor on her paw. I watched it for about a week, then took her in to have it checked out. It’s hairless and hard, so of course they thought cancer immediately. We had a sample checked, but of course it was inconclusive, trending more towards cancer. The doctor wanted it removed, but I said why? If it is cancer, I’m not doing chemo. Beyond that, why put her through a surgery at her age? But, the vet said that removing the tumor would likely remove all of the cancer, and could give her a few more years.

A few more years? Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would even make it through the summer. I’ve been living like she could die any day. Yes we cherish her and love her, but I’m also a complete stressball 99% of the time because I can’t imagine going through all of that again so soon. I realized that I needed to change my attitude, and believe that she does have a few more years with us. Not only would it take some of the stress off of me, but I feel like I’ll stop treating her like an invalid.

And so, we are going with our new outlook. The surgery is scheduled for the Monday of spring break. It will be traumatic for her, so at least we’ll be home with her for the week. After that, I’m hoping for a summer of walks and plenty of swimming.

2 responses to “The State of Lucy

  1. Grammy says:

    Our Lu looks pretty relaxed laying in the sun. She is patiently waiting to get outside and chase those bunnies.

  2. Jennifer Fewox Blount says:

    I feel the same way about our pup, too. I want to be able to enjoy our last few years (months? weeks?) with her but it’s hard not to be so anxious about what’s to come. Praying for as much time as possible with your sweet Lucy.

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