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Life with identical twins

Equal Opportunity

on March 12, 2014

Last Monday Caden came down with strep. Friday morning Delaney woke up with a fever and sore threat, later confirmed to be strep. Friday night my throat was sore. Saturday I lost my voice, Sunday I thought my head might explode.

The thing is, I’ve tried very hard to stay off of antibiotics this winter. I had an ear infection in January, but fought it off with tea tree oil. And it worked! Antibiotics wreck my gut, which I really don’t want to do since I spend so much time and energy trying to eat the right things to keep all of that in balance.

When I could hardly put two thoughts together on Monday, I finally admitted defeat and made an appointment with my asthma doctor. I knew I had a sinus infection and I just don’t have enough tools in my natural remedy toolbox to deal with that. He gave me a non-antibiotic option (x-ray my face to see what was happening up in there) but that sounded worse than a z-pac, so now we all have our very own antibiotics.

Next year I am definitely doing my homework and beefing up my essential oil supply, as well as buying all the garlic, since that is what everyone seems to recommend to fight off colds.

Truly though, we have been talking about (and I’ve been researching) ways to boost our immune systems ever since Caden came down with strep. More exercise, more sleep, and more fruits and vegetables. We are fairly set with fruits, but horrible with vegetables around here. Rather than cook more, we’re focusing on juicing a few times a week to give us some nutritional boosts. Delaney is awesome about trying any juice I pull together, but Caden is more cautious. We’ve talked about it a lot though, and she is open to drinking more juice, so I’m hopeful this will get us through the rest of spring with minimal illnesses.

3 responses to “Equal Opportunity

  1. Amy says:

    My neighbor and her son swear by hand washing, which is also easy for you and the girls. She says they both wash their hands really well when they get home, getting rid of any germs they may be bringing in with them. She said neither of them got the flu last winter because of it!

  2. Erin says:

    I”m a huge hand washer, but the girls not so much. This is an easy one we can totally implement! Thanks!

  3. Scott says:

    Have you considered Probiotics? They help digestion and increase your immune systems.

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