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Last Birthday Post I Promise

on March 10, 2014

The Friend Party! We skipped the friend party last year, and the year before I went over the top with the friend party. This year I wanted to keep the friend party low key, and concentrate on everyone having fun.

Last year I did a ton of research trying to find an affordable party that would allow them to invite all of their friends and just couldn’t find anything. Last September we went to a party at Creative Kidstuff. The party was great, and as we walked out I noticed they did a science themed party which would be perfect for the girls. Once I researched the cost, I couldn’t believe how reasonable they were! When we booked the party in the store, the girls got to sit down with one of the party planners and pick every activity that they wanted to do. It was a mish mash of the princess, science, and super hero parties, so it was a little all over the place, but it was kind of fun to mix up the activities.

As the kids arrived, they each created a crown. They also had science activities out that the kids could dig into.

party 1

This birthday week has almost killed me with the sickness and everything else, but the girls were so excited, it was all worth it.

party 2

After crowns they each got to make their own super hero cape. The kids got so into this!


We had planned a few crafts and then a movement activity, but the kids were clamoring for the food so we took a break in between for some fruit and cupcakes. I kept the food very low key. I did fruit cups, juice boxes, and cupcakes from Target. The party was at 2:00, so I didn’t have to worry about lunch which was also nice.

party 6

The end of the party was a little chaotic. We had 8 minutes to open up presents and as soon as that started, it was paper and bags and toys everywhere. The girls got some great gifts and were super excited about everything! Overall, the party was definitely a winner.

At the end of the party Caden picked up my camera to snap some pictures and she took a picture of me. I even like it!
party 7

2 responses to “Last Birthday Post I Promise

  1. Laraf123 says:

    Just found your blog–yay! Birthdays are so much fun and a bit of stress for moms. My boys are two years apart with birthdays in the same winter month. It’s tough figuring out what to do! (not to mention expensive!) Looks like this party was a hit!

  2. […] family party and no friend party. I was clearly burned out from the year before. For six we did a friend party and no family party, which I hated. I vowed to do better this […]

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