The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Booked for Summer

on March 6, 2014

I’ll be perfectly honest on this one, I’ve been thinking about what we’ll do for the summer since the girls started kindergarten. Nanny? Current after care? Will our old daycare actually start the school age program they keep telling me about? What to do?! I’ve been noting what works and what doesn’t work with what we are currently doing, and trying to figure out how to tweak that for the summer.

Let’s start with a nanny. This would be the most convenient choice, but it would also be the most expensive. Plus, my girls are incredibly social. I don’t think it would be good for them to have only each other to play with all summer. Nanny is out.

I do like our after care place, but they don’t have any pricing for the summer, so I have no idea how they would stack up. On the upside, they use the community center, which is also where our swimming lessons would be which would be super convenient. On the downside, that place is hard to get to, and pick up would be AWFUL.

A few friends have mentioned the YMCA, so that has been in the back of my head. I checked them out and the price was right, plus they do a ton of field trips and activities. A ton! I was discussing this with two different coworkers and both said “You have to sign up early for that!” I thought I was thinking about this early! And then, on the radio they advertised a Rally to get signed up for their summer programs. Perfect.

Last weekend we headed to the YMCA closest to us. I timed it, and while there wasn’t any traffic, it didn’t take us long to get there which is good. I’m very glad we went to the Rally because they explained all of their programs. I had heard about their camp outside the city, but I had no idea all of the activities they do there. It’s like sleepaway camp, without the sleepaway! They also had the itinerary for their entire summer, so I know what is happening every day, and when field trips are. I love people who plan ahead!

Long story longer, the girls are all booked in for the summer. They are doing a one week theater camp, two different weeks at the YMCA camp outside the city, and the rest of the time at the regular YMCA program. We will likely do our swimming lessons at the YMCA even though it’s more expensive, because it will be infinitely more convenient. Any other locals doing the YMCA thing? Would be fun to coordinate the YMCA camp!

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