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The Birthday Shirts

on March 5, 2014

I waffled on doing birthday shirts this year. They’re turning six, so I wanted whatever we did to not look to toddlerish. I did a search on Etsy and found some cute shirts with “six” spelled out on the shirt. Unfortunately, they really didn’t have anything but short sleeve in our size. I almost decided not to do them, when I realized we could make our own shirts!

We first hit up Old Navy where we scored long sleeve shirts for $2.79 each. Nice! Even picked up a few extra for next winter. Then we headed to Michael’s to find iron on letters. I wanted letters that were at least 2 inches tall. They had nothing. So we headed to JoAnn’s. They had slightly more, but again not much. I knew this was our last shot though, so we combed through that aisle a hundred times. Finally, I found mirrored lowercase letters that both girls liked. Only problem? There was only one pack! Oh! And that pack was $9.99. At least the shirts were cheap. Delaney went with those letters and then while I was looking with Caden, she found some sparkly stars to add on to her shirt. Caden and I looked and looked, but found nothing. Finally I remembered a freezer paper stencil tutorial, and we switched gears and bought glittered fabric paint and a few star iron on’s.

Let’s start with Caden’s shirt.

shirt 1

I printed out six in various fonts and let her choose which she liked. I made sure that all of the fonts would be easy enough to cut out. I ended up doing a space between each of the letters, although I’m not sure if I would do that again. I put the image underneath the freezer paper (shiny side down) and traced it, then xacto’d it out.

shirt 2

Then, I ironed the freezer paper onto the shirt (shiny side down). I was oddly skeptical of this part, but it totally worked! Then I sprayed the glitter paint on. The paint I bought was in a pump (like hairspray), but I think most paints you would need to paint on. If I would do this again I would have bought silver paint and put that down first, let dry, then gone over it with the glitter. With just the glitter paint, I had to go super heavy (it took an entire day to dry) to get enough coverage. I sprayed it that night, and then again the next morning. Once everything was dry I ironed on her stars and she was good to go! The tutorial said to iron over the paint, but when I did that, the towel stuck to the paint. So now I’m a little nervous about washing it. I think we’ll line dry this one.

shirt 3

Delaney’s shirts was way easier. Mostly because I handed it off to the babysitter. She cut out the letters and ironed them on, and then I peeled away the backing for the stars and ironed those on. The trick with the stars is that you have to peel the backing away very evenly. If you don’t, the little sequin things will come up and then you have to put it back together and that’s no good. We went with two stars on the front, and the big star on the back. I LOVE IT and want a shirt like this for myself.

delaney bday 2

shirt 5

One response to “The Birthday Shirts

  1. Sue says:

    Way to go, Mama!! Those are the cutest yet, I think…. Nanny S.

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