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Happy Birthday Caden!

on March 3, 2014

caden bday 2

Caden. As I type this you’re sleeping off a fever. Turns out, you’re probably going to spend your 6th birthday home with me, rather than celebrating with your friends, which is a huge bummer because you love your new friends and classmates.

Things have clicked for you since the new year. You’re reading like a crazy person. You read constantly, and you read books that make me gaze at you in wonder because how do you know all of these words?! I try to make sure we make frequent trips to the library, but you’ll read anything you find, you aren’t picky at this point.

Music lives within you. You sing, you dance, all day long. It makes me smile. Sometimes I ask you what song is in your head, but you always look at me and say “What?!” Someday you’ll understand.

Happy Birthday. May six be the best year yet!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Caden!

  1. Grammy says:

    Caden, my namesake. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! You have defied the odds of the “tiny one”. Just watch you grow!

  2. Sue says:

    Hello Sweet Girl… I hope you are feeling better now? I remember how you loved the activity books last year when we were together in FL.. You go, girl!! xo Nanny Sue

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