The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Made It

on February 28, 2014

I bought this house over 12 years ago. Just before I moved, I got Lucy. Shortly after I moved I bought my truck and then remodeled the kitchen. And then the girls came along and I didn’t make a lot of big purchases. Now? All those things that are 10, 12, 13 years old? They’re falling apart. A year or so ago I had to replace my dishwasher. My fridge will be replaced within the next month, and apparently I need a new furnace before next winter. If the current winter stays this cold for much longer, I’ll need a new one this winter. I’m saving, saving, saving right now, but the funds that should be going in my travel fund are being funneled to the house fund (which needs to be painted of course!). On one hand I’m glad I can afford to replace these things, on the other, this is not where I want to spend my bonus money.

Pictures! I wasn’t the best at taking pictures this week, so a few of these will be blurry, but I’m posting them anyway. You can tell by the progression that it took us a few days to get our bearings this week.

feb 22

Saturday. Even though the roads were awful, we headed down to my parent’s house.

feb 25

Tuesday. Forgot about the picture until we were almost out the door. Here’s their snow suits!

feb 26

Wednesday. Forgot about the picture until after school so the light isn’t the best.

feb 27

Thursday. Finally on top of it!

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