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Life with identical twins

Chores, age almost six

on February 19, 2014

We’ve been trying to do chores for a few years now. I’ve tried chore charts of various types, none of which we stuck with for any length of time. We’d forget to mark things off a few days, or forget to fill out the chart one week, it just wasn’t part of our routine.

What did help with chores? Making them part of our routine. Overall what I wanted was for the chores to just be part of what the girls did day in, and day out. Not something they needed to check off of a list. It took me some time to remember to remind them, but now it’s routine for all of us (meaning I still have to remind them, but I’m used to it!).

Here are some chores that we initially tried out, but didn’t work long term.

  • Feeding the dog.  Lucy is old, and she requires a set amount of food.  The girls were shorting her, which made her cranky, and she was begging all the time.  It wasn’t good.
  • Making their beds.   They were masters of making their little toddler beds, but the bunk beds have proved more difficult.  This chore will come back, likely this summer.
  • Taking out the garbage.  When we were in North Carolina, Delaney saw Nate take out the garbage and she wanted this to be her job in the worst way!  Unfortunately, our garbage is too heavy for her to carry down the stairs and outside.  In a few years, this will make it’s way back in.

Here are the chores that are working well at age almost six.

  • Clearing their dishes from the table.  After a year or so of doing this consistently, it is now Delaney’s job to the load the dishes into the dishwasher.  She loves this job!  We’ve talked about which dishes go on the top rack and which go on the bottom.  Also?  I love this one!  It’s nice to have a little meal time clean up help.
  • Throwing their clothes into the hamper.  It’s so easy for me to just trail behind them and clean up, but I really want them to learn to pick up after themselves and clothes is a big one for us.   They’ve been doing this one for a few years, but still need to be reminded every day to do it.
  • Taking out the recycling.  While the garbage is too heavy, the recycling is just right.
  • Wiping out the bathroom sink.  I bought a thing of clorox wipes, and this is Caden’s job each night.
  • Feeding the cat.  She doesn’t need a certain amount of food at a certain time, we just fill her dish when it’s empty.
  • They strip the sheets off their beds.  Their room is a disaster afterwards, but it was a disaster when I had to do it so who cares!
  • When we put away laundry, I throw all of the socks into a pile and they pair them up, fold them together and put them away.

I feel like this summer will bring more evolution to this.  We’ll add in outside chores around the garden and flowers.  I do love the idea of evolving and extending a job once they master it.  It worked so well to have Delaney put the dishes into the dishwasher once she brought them into the kitchen, so I’m trying to find other ways to extend chores as well.  Both girls really love to be helpful, which definitely works in my favor.


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