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Valentine’s 2014

on February 13, 2014

I will admit up front that our Valentines this year were more complicated than I wanted to do. We did pictures and a pinterest candy valentine, and probably should have stuck with just one of the two. The problem is the pinterest valentine ideas are so adorable I cannot resist, and the photoshoots I’ve done the last two years are my winter photographic push, so which to not do? Hopefully next year I can find a better way to combine them.

I ordered their picture valentines from Minted. I looked at designs on all of the different sites, and loved that they had the smaller classroom valentines. Their teachers have said they are doing Valentine bags, but I have no idea what size they will be, so I didn’t want to do anything really large. These turned out so well! They are tiny and adorable and the color was very true. (I cannot say the same thing about our Shutterfly family cards.) Sadly there were no classroom valentines that fit with the ideas the girls had already picked out. Next year we’ll start at Minted and go from there.

caden valentine

I had pinned a few ideas I was willing to do and let them choose. Caden chose the swedish fish valentine from here. If you can’t read the fish bowl, it says “So glad we’re in the same school”. I made my coworkers help me cut them out and they were tedious. It was also difficult finding cute bags. I went with snack bags, but wish I would have bought more of the clear cello bags that I used for Delaney’s.

delaney valentine

Delaney wanted the gummy worm valentine from here. Once I found the clear bags these were easy peasy. Full disclosure, our afternoon babysitter did most of these. She worked on pieces with the girls after school, and then I worked with them in the evening. Once we figured out how we were putting them together, they came together fairly quickly. Although it took a while to write names on both the card and the valentine.

I’m helping out at Delaney’s party on Friday where I plan to do a little valentine recon to see what everyone else is giving out this year.

3 responses to “Valentine’s 2014

  1. Grammy says:

    So creative and adorable! What a long way from the mass-printed punchout Valentines and candy hearts. I can’t imagine any of their classmates can top these.

  2. Sue says:

    I love the idea. So cute. I’ll save Natalie’s valentine to show you as an idea for next year.

  3. […] Day is kind of my holiday where I go all out. In past years we have done photo shoots and fancy cards with special candy, but this year I just didn’t have it in me. Also, I really […]

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