The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

She knows what she wants

on February 10, 2014

hair 1

I get my hair cut every 10-12 weeks. Since the girls’ hair doesn’t grow very fast, I schedule an appointment for them every other time I get my hair cut. It works out well. While my color processes, they get their hair cut. Here’s a before shot. Their hair was in need of a cut! Last time Caden got her bob, this time around she wanted to go even shorter. She kept putting her hand right around her jaw line. My mom kind of freaked, but this kid hates having her hair brushed, so I knew short was the way to go for her. Delaney get her ends trimmed.

hair 4

And after! I could kind of kill them for this because you can’t really see the gloriousness of their hair at all. I even bribed them with chocolate to get this shot.

hair 5

Caden’s hair is short and stacked in the back, with a few layers framing her face in the front. Delaney got curls (which I did again on Sunday, and she said she wants them for school as well, luckily they are easy to throw in).

hair 6

This is from Sunday breakfast and you can see her cut better here. I just cannot. stop. staring. at her. This cut suits her so well! And she looks terribly old with it. I’m so glad she knows what she wants, because she has great taste!

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