The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Can’t keep them apart

on February 5, 2014

When the girls were younger I would occasionally find them snuggled in bed together. They both have frequent nightmares, and their sister snuggling in with them was the best antidote to that. I would let them fall asleep that way, then separate them when I went to bed.

When we got the bunk beds they started falling asleep together more and more often. Separating them was not easy! They always fall asleep on the top bunk together, and hauling Caden down the ladder was never easy. Still, there were just as many nights in their own beds as there were nights together.

Finally I just let them sleep together all night. The bunk is more than big enough, why not? One night when I checked on them there arms were linked together. How adorable! The next morning they told me they did that so I couldn’t separate them. I can take a hint.

When Caden broke her collar bone we had an Issue. They couldn’t sleep together, it wasn’t safe. The first two nights Delaney could not fall asleep. Caden was out within minutes, but Delaney had to come downstairs with me until she was exhausted, only then she was able to fall asleep by herself. After a week I let them fall asleep together in Caden’s bunk, but would transfer Delaney up to her bunk when I went to bed. The thing Caden was most excited about when she got her sling off was sleeping with Delaney in the top bunk.

For the most part, I try not to fight this. Occasionally I can tell they are really tired, and I’ll enforce separate beds. On those nights, it never fails that one or both of them ends up in my bed though! They have such a need to be close to someone while they sleep. I do wonder, is that a twin thing? An identical twin thing?

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