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Life with identical twins

Sledding leads to sleep

on February 4, 2014

After sledding while waiting for the bus last week, I knew we needed to sled down our front hill this weekend as well. The girls were totally up for it Saturday afternoon.  It was about 20 degrees out, so not crazy cold, but cold enough that we only stayed outside for 20 minutes or so.


The thing about the snow right now is that it’s about two feet deep. That kind of snow is no joke. It’s hard to slog through! Luckily the sledding was fun enough that they were willing to do it.


It took a few times down the hill before they had a decent track. Of course as soon as that happened, Delaney had to go to the bathroom!



Because we’ve gotten so much snow, the sides of the road have built up from the snowplow and created a nice bank that stopped the girls from sledding into the street.  At least it’s good for something?


Once Delaney went to the bathroom, this kid went down over and over and over.  She was zipping down the hill and laughing so hard when she got to the bottom!


Instead of climbing back up the hill, I convinced them to cut over to the driveway, then go up the steps.  It was at least a little easier than trudging up the hill.

The unexpected benefit of this outdoor time was that we were all exhausted.  I ran just before we headed outside, so after dragging the sled up and down and dragging my sorry butt through the snow, I was almost comatose.  Both girls were asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillows that night.  I think we all needed the fresh air and exercise!

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