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New table needed

on January 30, 2014

Years ago my parents bought the girls a cute little pink table. You see it all over the place in our pictures.

jan 18

We use it constantly. The girls eat meals there, they do homework, they color, they paint, they snack. Every day someone sits at that table. The problem is, the table is falling apart. One leg is loose and no matter how many times I tighten it, the next day it’s loose again. One of the chairs has a loose slat that comes off constantly. There are also stains and paint all over the top of the table. It’s rough.

I had it on my to do list to paint it, and take it to my dad’s workshop to bolster it. But, I’m not so sure it’s worth it to do all of that. The table is small. It worked well when the girls were younger, but now it’s crowded if they both want to do color or paint.

We need a new table.

Because of the layout of our house, we will continue to use a small table in the living room. Since we’ll be in this house for 1-4 more years, it makes sense to get a bigger table. I did some googling, but found mostly small tables, tables that are about the same size as what we have now. If I’m going to buy new, it makes sense to get something that will work for us for a few more years, not something that we’ll grow out of quickly.

Of course, Pottery Barn Kids has a gorgeous table. It’s bigger, and best of all, it looks like furniture! So many of the tables I saw were pink or purple. No thanks. It’s also expensive. $249 for the table and two chairs. I’ve been insanely happy with everything I’ve purchased from PBK though, so I know it will be high quality and will look great in our living room.

It just feels wrong to spend that much money on a table and chairs though. I could possibly have my dad build them a table, and then buy the chairs, but he’s busy right now so we’d have to wait a bit. Anyone know of any other solid options out there?

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