The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Way too cold

on January 29, 2014

The girls are headed back to school today. Finally. I’ve loved all this time with my girls, but I’m starting to feel a little disorganized and we all need to get back to our routines.

If anything, this cold weather has made me incredibly grateful. I’m grateful that my job is so flexible I can either work from home or bring the girls to work with me. (And that my coworkers are awesome enough that if I instant message them from a meeting, they’ll go check on the girls and find them snacks.)

I’m grateful that my girls are such great playmates. Not once in the last month have they bemoaned that they are bored. They’ve watched some tv, they’ve watched some of their movies, but they’ve also played with all of their toys, they’ve painted, they’ve colored, they’ve made up crazy imaginary games. I always think that we don’t have many toys, but each day they seem to find something new to play with.

And I’m really grateful that my kids are so awesome. This age of five-almost-six is so insanely fun. I feel like all of the nagging and nagging and nagging I’ve done is finally paying off. I’m less angry with them. They’re genuinely helping around the house more. I’m enjoying them more. When they were younger this much time at home would have driven me to drink. I would have had to call in the troops to save me. But at this age it’s all good, and it’s good to recognize how far we’ve come.

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