The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Valentine’s Photo Shoot

on January 27, 2014

Friday was going to be 30 degrees out, so I took my shot at decent weather and threw the girls outside for a quick photo shoot for their Valentine’s cards. I had a few ideas. I wanted to get them with the white snow as a background, and then I wanted another shot with them laying in the snow with a cute hat on. The white snow worked out, almost too good? It looks like a white backdrop, not snow.

lane val 1

lane val 2

Neither of them would lay in the snow for me though. Wimps! Just in case, when we were at my parent’s house I threw them on the back deck and took a few more shots. My parents have woods behind their house, and I thought that might make a more interesting backdrop than the white snow.

caden val 3

It worked? Except you can tell Caden is shivering here.

Overall, the pictures are cute, but they are nowhere near last year’s pictures. Caden’s card is set, but Delaney wants me to take some new pictures for her. I also need to take some shots of them together for cards to send out to friends and family. Cross your fingers that the light cooperates with us tomorrow morning, and that my backdrop idea actually works!

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